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Gov. Wes Moore Says ‘I Will’ Not Seek 2024 Democratic Nomination And Says President Biden Isn’t Dropping Out

Gov. Wes Moore

Washington — Maryland Gov. Wes Moore last Sunday that he will not seek the Democratic nomination this year and he does not foresee President Biden leaving the race, making clear that the president is staying the course despite the bruising debate performance that sparked concern among some members of the party last week.

“Joe Biden is not going to take himself out of this race – nor should he,” Moore said on
“Face the Nation,” making clear that he “will not” seek the nomination.

The Democratic governor, who’s been campaigning in Milwaukee for the president’s reelection bid, said he will “proudly be supporting the president” at the party’s convention in Chicago later this summer. Moore said he will work through November to “make sure [Mr. Biden] gets reelected,” despite suggestions in recent days that the president drop out of the race after the debate raised questions about his ability to serve. Moore, a rising star within the party, has been among a group of names floated should Biden leave the race.


Maryland Gov. Wes Moore

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