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Teenager Charged With Armed Kidnapping



A teenager is under arrest after arming himself and attempting to abduct an innocent shopper.

On¬†Friday, June 28, 2024, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to an attempted armed kidnapping at the Home Depot, 10150 Bloomingdale Avenue.

Detectives with the Hillsborough County Sheriff Office conducted the preliminary investigations. The investigation revealed that 16-year-old Daniel Buron entered the store and attempted to purchase a Visa gift card using a stolen credit/debit card.

After several unsuccessful attempts to complete the purchase, a Home Depot employee offered assistance, but Buron eventually abandoned his efforts and walked further into the store.

At that time, an individual was shopping alone and noticed Buron following her down several aisles. Buron approached her, stating he was having a bad day, and revealed a saw blade. He then instructed her to follow him to the bathroom, telling her to “act like you know me” and “don’t ask for help” while holding the blade and giving her directions.

He strategically guided her down an empty aisle to avoid other patrons and store staff.

Upon reaching the aisle where the bathrooms are located, the victim noticed store employees behind her and customers near the bathroom. Seizing the opportunity provided by the larger group of people in the vicinity, she sprinted to safety and informed several store employees and customers about what had happened. Multiple witnesses then observed Buron flee north out of the Home Depot parking lot.

A short time later, a witness spotted Buron just across the street at another retail store. HCSO deputies located Buron and arrested him.

The investigation remains ongoing.

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