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Gentlemen’s Quest Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Scholarships


   Scholarship recipients: Jalen Thomas, Telvin Mexile, Dominic Caines, Robert Stone, Jr., Nicolas Nina, Donovan Terry, and Jeremiah MarQuel Preesley.

          News Anchor Deanna King, Mellissa Moore, Gentlemen’s Quest Executive Director, Tavis Myrick, And HCSO Colonel, Anthony Collins.

     Telvin Mexile, Excellence in Education. 1st Place Scholarship Recipient





Sentinel Staff Writer

   Gentlemen’s Quest, a community-based mentoring program for young men, just celebrated its 10th Anniversary. To commemorate the occasion, over 150 people including Hillsborough County Commissioner Gwen Myers and Hillsborough County School Board member Nadia Combs, attended an Awards Gala.

    Since 2014, GQ has been instrumental in helping numerous students navigate high school and college life and achieve their academic goals.

      Twelve graduating seniors were honored with scholarships of $500 to full ride scholarships.

     The organization’s Executive Director and founder, Tavis Myrick says that the gala supported academic accomplishments and the fact that the organization has had a zero % recidivism rate and 100% graduation rate for the 10th consecutive year.

      “At Gentlemen’s Quest, our mission is clear; to empower and support young men in becoming productive members of society,” said Myrick.

    “Through mentorship, guidance, and financial assistance, we strive to equip our students with the tools they need to succeed in college and beyond.”

   GQ Mother Juana Jackson and her son, Jeremiah, agree that GQ has been a godsend.

   Jeremiah says, “Mr. Myrick has been there for me through hard times, and I am so thankful for his leadership.”

   Mrs. Jackson states that she was inspired by the gala, saying that the “speakers really encouraged the young men.”

    Tina Thomas, mother of Hillsborough High School student Jalen Thomas, certainly agrees with the success of GQ, saying, “My son has been a part of GQ for 2 years, and GQ has been a great inspiration.”

     “The impact that we have had in our community is immeasurable. We remain dedicated to uplifting our youth, and we will continue to serve as a beacon of hope and opportunity for generations to come,” Myrick said.

   For more information, please visit the GQ website here:

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