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“Bank jugging” is a term used when criminals target people who withdraw cash
from banks or ATMs. These criminals watch for individuals leaving with bank
envelopes or bags, then follow them to steal the money.

The Tampa Police Department is investigating a bank jugging theft that
occurred on the afternoon of Friday, April 5th, 2024.


The suspect, who can be seen in the video, followed the victim from a bank on
W. Kennedy Blvd. after the victim withdrew money. The victim then parked at a
nearby restaurant in the 2100 block of W. Kennedy Blvd. The suspect broke into
the victim’s truck through the front passenger window and stole the cash,
which had been left in the center console.

The suspect appears to be a black male, approximately 18-25 years old, with
pierced ears. He has a medium build, short black hair, and can be seen wearing
a blue disposable mask, white hoodie, and yellow & black gloves. He was seen
driving a white Kia Sportage.

Tampa Police Detectives are working with their counterparts at the Houston
(TX) Police Department as they believe the suspect may be part of a group that
travels between the Houston and Tampa Bay areas committing similar crimes.

If you can help identify this suspect, please call Tampa Police at
813.231.6130 or contact Crimestoppers of Tampa Bay at 800.873.TIPS.

The Tampa Police Department is encouraging the community to be aware of their
surroundings and take precautions to avoid becoming a bank jugging victim.
Some safety tips include:
Not displaying large sums of cash in public.
Varying your routine when visiting a bank.
Being alert for suspicious individuals loitering around banks.
Depositing large sums of cash promptly.
Considering the use of a night deposit box.
If followed, drive to a well-lit, populated location, and call
the police.

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