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Haitian Americans In Florida Are Desperate To Hear From Relatives As Violence Roils Their Homeland

Borgella Antoine’s family said he is being held for $500,000 ransom.


MIAMI — It has been over two weeks since the family of Steeve Pierre, a Miami resident originally from Haiti, received the dreaded phone call asking for a ransom for the release of his cousin.

Pierre, 40, who came from Haiti in 2019 and owns a landscaping business in Miami, said his cousin, Borgella Antoine, went missing in Haiti at the end of February. Antoine, a truck driver, was delivering goods when he was kidnapped by members of a gang.

“At the beginning, we were trying to do something,” Pierre said. “I even sent money to Haiti in an effort to raise enough money to get him released.”

But the gang started asking for more money and now wants $500,000. It’s too much for Pierre’s family, and the owner of the truck company he works for is now trying to negotiate to lower the ransom.

“It’s very stressful for all the family. Whenever your phone rings you’re afraid to answer because you don’t know what the news will be,” Pierre said. “We’re praying he’s alive and will come home safe.”

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