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Road Rage Incident Leads To Man Facing Second-Degree Murder Charge



The State Attorney’s Office filed second-degree murder charges against Jorge Ramirez, the man who shot and killed a father of five following a road rage incident in Riverview. Ramirez was arrested in January and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Following a review of the completed investigation, The State Attorney’s Office added the additional murder charges.

On January 16, Ramirez was driving his black BMW sedan with two friends when he approached the victim’s Green Chevy Suburban from behind. Witnesses say Ramirez was trying to pass the Suburban to cut through a parking lot to avoid waiting at a red light. The passengers in Ramirez’ vehicle say he became angry when the Suburban blocked the entrance to the parking lot. Ramirez began closely following the victim’s vehicle afterwards, ramming the hitch several times.

Ramirez passed the Chevy Suburban in a residential area and quickly stopped to exit the car. The victim also exited his vehicle and retrieved two metal pipes from the trunk. Ramirez, from behind his black BMW, shot at the victim who was more than 20 feet away at the time of the shooting. This all occurred while the victim’s fiancé and children were watching from the Suburban. Witnesses from both vehicles were interviewed and gave similar statements.

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